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The Friends of St Mary's

The 'Friends' is a secular body of full charitable status whose whole purpose is to contribute to the restoration and preservation of the structure of the Church to secure its future for generations to come.  The aim is to attract a wide range of members, wherever they live, who have an interest in High Halden and its historic church.  The 'Friends' was formed in 1994 when a lot of restoration works were needed but the normal church funds could not cover them.

All 'Friends' receive newsletters keeping them in touch with the various fund raising events and social activities organised by the committee.  These in the past have included excursions, golf days, progressive suppers, quiz evenings etc and provide a focal point for the village and an opportunity to meet other members.

With a building that is over 700 years old there is always going to be ongoing maintenance and restoration work, and sometimes the unexpected happens, such as subsidence.  When such a building is of high architectural importance, as the Grade 1 listed Church of St. Mary's is, any restoration work that is required has to be done to the highest standard and with great care so that nothing blemishes the original.  


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