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Christian Distinctiveness

Our School Vision

At High Halden, we take pride in creating a nurturing environment where our community of learners are valued as individuals. Through God’s love, rich experiences and a sense of belonging, all will make strong roots to grow, flourish and bear fruit.


Our Christian Values




Our vision and associated values are theologically centred on the Bible narrative, ‘The Vine and the Branches’.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit (John 15:5).


This verse drives our vision and helps in our understanding that God is the gardener who tends and cares for us so that we may grow and flourish. If we work together and grow together we will succeed. Adults, children and all in our school family and community are encouraged to grow and flourish.


Jesus is the vine, the heart of our school, with the deepest of roots. Even in a drought, the leaves are green and the branches grow vigorously, eager for life – just like us.


Together we produce the most amazing fruit, whether it’s the work in our classroom or our time of play. 


The vine represents our school family:

  • We are deeply rooted in our Christian tradition, through which we are connected to God and to each other
  • We are nourished and sustained and given sure foundations to build upon
  • We meet the challenge of the elements with resilience
  • We provide shelter for each other, cherishing and caring for each other
  • We belong together and flourish together
  • We grow in this beautiful rural setting in different ways, but always with exuberance
  • We reach for the sun and bear fruit that blesses us and those around us


Our school, set in the beautiful Kent countryside, prepares children for life beyond High Halden by providing opportunities to grow and prosper: developing curiosity, creativity, character, and a strong sense of community.  

We chose our Christian values as we feel these support us to live and deliver our vision.