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'Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all'



At High Halden, all aspects of out teaching and learning are designed to ensure children flourish as members of our community and beyond, and are built on our strong Christian values of Generosity, Respect, Love, Wisdom, Trust and Hope. In doing this we strive to ensure all children are prepared for the wider world, and believe that effective Relationship, Sex Education (RSE) is essential in supporting children to maintain stable and loving relationships, to respect others, make informed personal choices and promote the British values of tolerance. 


As a school with Christian morals at our core, we are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment, which enables all to make strong roots and flourish, regardless of their family context, beliefs, sexual or gender orientation. In our school, the RSE curriculum is delivered to encompass the teachings of the Church or England, whilst being sensitive to the community we serve.  This includes the Christian understanding of marriage as the context for sexual relationships and the importance of trust, loyalty, fidelity and choice, as well as the understanding of abstinence and celibacy as positive life choices.


Children will learn about moral values through all aspects of school life and in all curriculum  areas, not just in Relationships and Sex Education. The RSE programme at High Halden CEP School Primary  School reflects the school ethos and demonstrates and encourages the following values:- 

⮚ Respect for self 

⮚ Respect for others 

⮚ Responsibility for their own actions 

⮚ Responsibility for their family, friends, schools and wider community 


For more in depth information on our RSE programme of study, please access the links below: 


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