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Why do we need the PTFA?

The PTFA committee is elected each September and new members are most welcome and indeed necessary. 

They organise various fun events, through the year partly to raise funds and partly for entertainment.  

As parents you are automatically invited to be a member of the PTFA. We are aware that sometimes parents are reluctant to get involved because they worry they will have to commit a lot of time, however, this is not the case. Any offers of help and ideas, no matter how big or small, are gratefully accepted. 
Previously, funds have been used for playground equipment, stage lighting for the hall, subsidising trips and classroom equipment.


The PTFA this year…

Our aim as a PTFA is to raise as much money as possible for the school and to organise fun events for the children. All the money raised by the PTFA goes towards new resources for the children.

Last year we were able to make a significant contribution towards the new wildlife garden which is being created on the school field. All the children will have a chance to enjoy lessons about science and nature as well as enjoy the area as a relaxing space during break times.

Our current committee are as follows:


Chairman: Cally Honeysett
Vice Chair: Amy Mealham and Katie Davies
Events committee: Kelly Burlton, Chloe Cane, Katie Davies, Jemma Fitzgerald, Cally Honeysett,

Suzie Le Maréchal, Fern Maxted, Amy Mealham, Beccy Prebble, Becky Williams, Liz Wood.