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Physical Education

‘Sport is a universal language, building more bridges between people than anything else I can think of.’ 

Sebastian Coe


In keeping with our Christian ethos and school vision, we aim to ensure children at High Halden leave primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to flourish in physical activity and sport throughout their lives. Physical education is a unique process of learning. It educates pupils in the knowledge of the body and physical activities, the skill to use their body efficiently and effectively, the understanding of how their body moves and the importance of a healthy and fit lifestyle.


At High Halden School we, aim to enable children to become physically educated by giving them the opportunity to:

  • Develop physical and cognitive competence and confidence in the skills of planning, performing and evaluating movement

  • Promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle

  • Develop positive attitudes

  • Ensure safe practice

  • Develop problem solving skills and interpersonal skills which will have a much wider application

  • Explore opportunities to engage in sport in other forms. 

The Physical Education Curriculum for children at High Halden Primary School consists of Gymnastics, Games and Dance. In Key Stage 2, pupils will also experience athletic activities, outdoor and adventurous activities and swimming in addition to the core programme. As we recognise the importance of sport in developing pupils socially, academically and physically, our PE curriculum ensures children are provided with opportunities to engage in sport in different forms. Within Year 6, children use the Sports Education Model to explore roles such as; record-keeping, managing, coaching and refereeing. In doing this, we hope to provide children with an appreciation of how else they can experience a lifelong involvement in sport.  Children have the opportunity to extend their learning within the wide Extra Curricular Sporting activities offered by the school which includes football, netball, handball, hockey, cricket, and new age kurling. 

As a school we are proud of our children’s accomplishments in PE and Sport. We offer a range of opportunities for children to represent the school in competitions and celebrate their achievements as part of our school assemblies.