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Headboy and Headgirl

Each year we choose two children to be our head girl and head boy.  This is a great honour and the announcement - which is eagerly anticipated - is made early in September.  The Head Girl and Head Boy are chosen to represent the school and act as role models for other children.  Many things are taken into consideration when choosing our Head Girl and Head Boy, the children are asked to prepare a speech which they share with the whole school. Our school community then votes for who they believe, has a good attitude to learning, positivity and perseverance.  The Head Girl and Head Boy carry out a wide range of duties over the year including showing visitors around our school and representing the school at events and special occasions.


This year our Head Boy is Presley and our Head Girl is Emily. You can read their speeches below. 


Head Boy

Hello my name is Presley.

I believe I should be this year's head boy. 

I think I would be a great head boy because I am  really understanding  and I enjoy listening to everyone's ideas. I also believe that I could shape this school a new future and make it hold a happy friendly environment for everyone to be in. I  have a very high respect for all of the pupils and teachers. I am a very fun talkative person but when it comes to learning I know how important it is, which is why I will try my best to make sure everyone has the best education possible.


Charlotte and Doug were fantastic representatives for this school and raised an amazing amount of money for their charities so I have some very big boots to fill. For my charity I will keep the support going for team Ben Hammond. I have chosen this charity because Team Ben Hammond is very close to High Halden’s hearts as he was a well loved pupil at this school. If you have any fundraising ideas please come and find me - I would love to hear them. 



Head Girl

Hi guys! I’m Emily. I hope you are all enjoying this term.

I would be very proud to be Head Girl. I am a great listener and will always
listen to your opinions, and will try to make your ideas possible. I’m all
about making changes if they make a positive difference. Eco issues and
making everybody feel happy and confident at school are what I’d like to
help with.

I think that it is important for us to raise money for those who are not as
privileged as us, and I have always been keen to help fundraise.

I would also be happy to work together with the other leaders to produce
Halden’s Happy Hour.

I try to follow all of our school values by being generous, respectful,
always sharing wisdom, trustworthy, hopeful and by trying my best to be a
great friend.

If you vote for me I promise I would always be here to help with your
everyday concerns and worries.

Please vote for me!