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Crossing out to subtract pictorially

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Once the children have mastered using concrete manipulatives to subtract they are encouraged to do their own drawings and cross out the number they are taking away.

Subtracting by crossing out with a bar model

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Imogen uses a similar technique to Rosie except she draws a bar model to help her.

Subtracting using a blank numberline

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In this video Jess is showing us how secure she is with the relationship between addition and subtraction. Despite being asked to solve a subtraction question, she uses addition to solve it.

Column Subtraction

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Bella shows us how she subtracts using the column method. No exchanging needs to take place for this subtraction.

Column Subtraction with exchanging

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Charlotte needs to exchange to complete this calculation. We now encourage the children to use the term exchange instead of borrow so you will find allthe younger children exchange.