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The Governing Body is made up of a combination of appointed, elected Governors representing different elements of the school and the local community which it serves.


Each Governor, other than the Headteacher, normally holds office for an agreed period. In addition, a Clerk to the Governors supports the work of the Governing Body by taking minutes, circulating agendas and documentation. 


Governors are responsible for providing:


  • Strong links between the school and community
  • A wider experience of the outside world
  • An independent view and common sense approach
  • A form of accountability for the Headteacher and staff
  • Support for the work of the school and its team.


Governors act as a corporate group for the best interest of the school and are responsible for policy making and review on a number of aspects of school government. Hard copies of all school policies are available by request from the school office. 

Authority Governor

Mr Simon Robinson



Foundation Governors


Mr. Nikolas Le Marechal (Co-Vice chair)

Ms. Fran Chevis

Mrs Dorothy Lynes



Co-Opted Governors

Mr. Wayne Miles (Co-Vice chair)

Mr. Edward Conba (Chair)

Mrs. Louise Collins



Parent Governor

Mrs. Fern Maxted

Mrs Amy Mealham

Mrs Katie Davies



Staff Governors

Mrs. Kelly Burlton (Headteacher)

Mrs. Francesca  Dunn



Clerk to the Governors

Mrs Jane Phillips


Associate Members

Mrs. Kate Semadeni 

Mr George Hawkins