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Collective Worship

Collective worship is a highly valued and set apart time in the school day and week, where the whole school community can gather together in a time that is honoring and worthy to God.


All schools are required by law to provide pupils/students with a daily act of collective worship regardless of whether or not they are a Church school. The difference with church schools lies in the fact that all acts of worship must be Christian. This means that they should be based on the Bible and the life and teaching of Jesus. The whole school community involves all pupils and all staff, unless they have sought the right to withdraw from acts of worship.


Worship can also be a ‘time to breathe’; a time when all can come together to find a space, silence and quietness to reflect on their own spirituality, values and place in the world. Just as breathing is vitally important to life, worship is a significant and sacred time in the life of the school; ensuring the time is valued to allow all to ‘breathe’ through worship.


Collective worship gives the whole school community the opportunity to:

• Engage in an act of community

• Express praise and thanksgiving to God

• Reflect on the character of God and on the teachings of Christ through Biblical texts

• Affirm Christian values and attitudes

• Celebrate special times in the Christian calendar

• Experience and respond to Anglican traditions and practices

• Explore the big questions of life and respond to national events

• Foster respect and deepen spiritual awareness

• Be still and reflect

• Share each other’s joys and challenges


Our Collective Worship timetable 

Introduce the main theme for the week led by the Headteacher or Assistant HeadteacherPraise and Reflection Worship

Explore the main theme for the week


Worship led by Rev Sue in St Mary's Church

Explore the main theme or isingpopCelebration Worship


Spiritual Council


Our Spiritual Council is a group of students who are elected to reflect on and develop the spiritual life of the school. 


Our Spiritual Council meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to reflect on the liturgical season and ways in which the school can develop its collective worship and prayer life. Throughout the year they will lead events including our whole school faith days and services in St Mary's. 


We also have a worship leader, who supports the daily implementation of worship in school.