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Reading with your Child

Top Tips For Reading with Your Child at Home


As we all know, there is a lot more to reading than just reading. Here are some tips to help during reading sessions with your child at home.


  • Read 10 minutes every night with your child.
  • Discuss the illustrations. What do they think is going on? Why?
  • Predict what may happen? What would be good/bad etc.
  • Make up alternative endings.
  • Discuss what your child’s likes/dislikes are about the text.
  • What did we learn from the story? Was there a moral, did it give them any information? Was it factual or a fiction story?
  • Can you change your voice for all the characters?
  • Be guided by your child’s interests- Read your own stories as well as school books.
  • Become an explorer- Read fact, fiction, rhymes, poems, picture books.
  • Ask questions about the story.
  • Discuss the sequence of events. Can you recall the events?
  • Most important keep it short, enjoyable and fun

You do not always have to read the entire book every night. Focus on 2 pages and talk about the characters, setting, and plot in a lot of detail. You might want to take it in turns to read so your child can hear how you read.