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Home Learning Logs

As a school, we have been using  Home Learning Logs for a number of years to encourage the children to take pride in the work they complete at home. The teachers set designated learning tasks for the children to carry out at home which is linked to that term's learning in school. However, they can also be used for the children to share their independent research and thinking. This can be recorded in whatever way they feel is most helpful.  They may use pictures, writing, photographs, labelled diagrams, pop-ups, fold away flaps etc... to present their work. This is ideal opportunity for the children to extend their learning, be creative and independent.


The use of Learning Logs also support the partnership between home and school. Please feel free to write notes to the teacher if your child found the work too challenging or too easy, as this will help with our assessment and enable us to provide extra support or increase the level of challenge.