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Hindu Workshops

On Monday 31st October we started term 2 with an exciting day of workshops. Indri travelled all the way from Nottingham to teach us all about his faith – Hinduism. The children were taught about the important festival of Diwali. They had great fun slaying Ravana the ten headed demon as they learnt the story of Rama and Sita that is fundamental to Diwali.

They were also able to see what a Hindu shrine might look like and learnt that every Hindu has a shrine within their own home. In Hinduism there are many gods and goddesses and families have a shrine to one or more of the gods or goddesses . The shrine is used as part of daily prayer.

The highlight for the children was when they were able to dress in traditional Indian saris and had face paint applied as Hindu’s would at festival times.

The children learnt a lot and had great fun as well; from the feedback it is clear which part of the day was the most memorable!

“I enjoyed the face painting and I never knew that they did this to celebrate Diwali,” Archie Year 6.

“I enjoyed learning the dance and that it was the second day of Diwali,” Katie, Year 6.

“The best bit for me was the face-painting. The reason we did this was to show Diwali is a party and celebration. Diwali is the festival of light,” George, Year 6.

“It was fun dressing up in a sari and wearing all of the bangles which were really pretty,” Ruby O, Year 5.