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Our New Head Boy and Head Girl

Following a morning of speeches and voting I am delighted to announce our new Head Boy and Head Girl are:


Head Boy-Archie 

Head Girl-Scarlett.


Congratulations to them both and well done to all the children who shared well though through speeches. 


Head Boy


Hi I’m Archie I would love to be your Head Boy because I love to help even if it’s just to open your lunchbox.

Since I have been at this school for six years I have seen all the Head Boys in the past and thought that might be me one day. I would be a GREAT example for everybody and although I make mistakes I will always learn from them.

My Brother Ben would be so proud of me. Thank you for listening and hope you vote for me.



Head Girl


I would like to be Head Girl because I have the right qualities and personality.

I respect people’s opinions and always listen to advice. If somebody is lonely I will be their friend. If they are sad I would make them happy and if they need help I will do my best to help them. I always try to be a good friend to everybody. I am positive and loyal and the best friend you can have.

I would set a good example and be a good role model for the younger children. If I were chosen to represent my school as head girl I would show my teachers and everybody at my school that I am there to help and guide them in every way.

I would feel very honoured to be chosen.