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Owl's Class out and about!

Owls' Class had the opportunity to explore the historical village of Horton Kirby during our school trip. We began the (rather wet) day by using compasses and following directions to find clues and identify 'now and then' pictures, as we explored the local area.  The children proved to be Super Sleuths and, after finding all of the clues, we returned to the centre for a welcome lunch.
The afternoon was a fun, hands-on experience as the Owls became planners! Their challenge was to plan the best village for a range of different settlers.  The children proved to be inventive, imaginative and thoughtful planners :-)
Whilst it may have been grey (and somewhat wet), we saw enthusiasm, teamwork, brilliant ideas - and a lot of laughter. The children once again made us proud and were wonderful ambassadors for High Halden Primary School.