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Science Day

Last Friday the amazing Willy Wonka sent the children a video message. He had heard what fantastic scientists they all were. His dream was to build an enormous trampoline in his chocolate factory. He therefore needed the children to investigate the stretching power of sweets. He wanted to find out which sweets were the stretchiest and use them in the making of his trampoline.


To help the children with this task Mr Wonka sent along a very important guest. None other than his chief Oompa Loompa! The Oompa Loompa took on this responsibility with gusto and had even volunteered to be stretched by the other Oompa Loompas so that the best stretching method could be found.


The children suggested many different ideas and then tried three methods which were rolling, pulling and using weights.


Everyone at school joined in the task and all results pointed to one sweet in particular having the best stretching quality; this was the strawberry lace. We are now awaiting the day when Mr Wonka’s trampoline will be unveiled to the rest of the world.