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Year 6 visit Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral Trip

On the 10th November Year 6 visited Canterbury Cathedral for the Day. They went with other Year 6 pupils from the Ashford area.  

George, Year 6 has written the following report:

When we first arrived we gathered in the west side of the cathedral to find out how the day was planned for us. Then we were sent to our groups. After we had completed our activities we went into another part of the cathedral to eat our lunch.

Everywhere in the cathedral was enormous and it had really high ceilings. The guides said that the reason everywhere was so big was to be able to fit everyone in to tell them the story of Jesus and the Bible.

Whilst there, we learnt about many different parables. Including The Lost Sheep, The Conversion of Saul and Moses parting the Red Sea.

Some activities were held in the Crypt to show how certain characters might feel in different stories. In one we smelt different things which might have been what Jesus might have been able to smell in His time like Rosemary and Mint.

When Saul went blind we put on blacked out ski googles on so that we couldn’t see and then we talked about what it felt like not being able to see.

At the end of the day we all came together in the east side of the cathedral to sing hymns and say prayers.

We all really enjoyed the day.

By George, Year 6

Rooted in God, we grow together